the iconic Living Room

The Living Room is a throwback to another time, the closest thing to a real deal Juke Joint you will find in Los Angeles, conveniently located right off the 10 Freeway at Crenshaw Blvd, if you blink you’ll miss it. The large parking lot is around back and shared with Chef Marlyn’s Soul Food that always has a line out the front door ’cause the food is fantastic, as are the prices, you can even bring the food and enjoy it in the Living Room. The entrance for the Living Room is around back and you’ll need to ring the bell to get let in by Damin or Big John.

The Living Room has featured the likes of Mickey Champion, Chu Chu & The Lovely Band, Jamie Blues Boy Powell and Lady GG; fixtures of the South Central blues scene. The Living Room has a lot of great history and mojo with authentic Blues/R&B music. If you’re lucky you may get to rub elbows with some of the more colorful and snazzily dressed characters who tell great stories of the old South Central blues scene. The live music can be down right amazing and always the real deal. The jukebox is one of the best around filled with jazz/blues/soul/R&B like no other.

The Living Room — It’s always a good time !